Getting Started

Your applicant starts the RentValet process.

Simply direct your tenant applicants to apply with RentValet. All they need is your email address.

We compile the applicant, co­applicant and co­signer information first. We facilitate the walkthrough and other application steps. And last, we then ask you to conduct your screening tasks and make a decision: Invite or Decline.

No calls or voicemail messages. No back and forth email messages. No incomplete forms or messy handwriting.

How much will you save with rentvalet?

Free and unlimited tenant-screening plus the time savings of 5-10 hours per vacancy
can result in significant convenience and savings.
  • Average number of vacancies processed per year

  • Average number of applicants processed per vacancy (Include co-applicants, co-signers, and applicants who drop out or fail to qualify)

  • Screening cost per applicant

  • Average hourly wage for property management staff


Save time, money, effort and frustration
  • RentValet Is FREE

    Our Apply­Online service is free to America’s landlords and property managers. Fill one vacancy or a hundred. Or a thousand.

  • Improve Efficiencies

    Property management is a business, and RentValet delivers efficiencies and competitive advantages to property managers. The rental application process is both time­ consuming and manpower intensive. Savings in this area can be directed to tenant retention efforts, marketing your properties, or returned to property owners in the form of reduced fees. Property managers with an eye for the bottom line choose RentValet.

  • The Only Full Service Solution

    Small text: RentValet is the only full­service Apply­Online solution in the market. We automate, facilitate or eliminate every step in the rental application process to save you and your applicants time, money and effort.

  • Better Applicant Protections

    RentValet helps all who use it. We require all accounts to use a credit card in the name of the account as further identity verification. No more applications with false names. And before we share sensitive applicant information with you, we will ask you to create your account with a credit card and small, one­time fee to verify your identity. You will also be asked, once, to prove your role as the manager of rental property.

  • Save 5­-10 Hours per Vacancy

    See how much time you save when you eliminate phone calls, voicemail messages, and incomplete forms. Imagine a service that combines all the applicant, co­applicant and co­signer information into one easy view.

  • New Fair Housing Protection

    RentValet is the first service to dramatically reduce the risk of Fair Housing litigation. For example: applicants remain anonymous in the early stages of the screening process. Fair Housing litigation costs can easily rise into the tens of thousands, even when the property manager is innocent. Reduce your risks. Use RentValet.

  • Stay Online

    Twenty years ago you could book an airline flight online, yet today the residential rental application process is almost completely manual with paper forms and multiple visits with the tenant applicants. It is time for an online service. It is time for RentValet.

  • Applicants Who Do Not Want To Use RentValet

    One of RentValet’s greatest features is its design. An applicant who asks you to avoid RentValet is an applicant who is asking to pay double the rental application fee and to fill out paper forms. That applicant may be falsifying his identity or hoping you will purchase a less thorough background check than the premium service embedded in RentValet.