Your RentValet

Getting Started

You start the RentValet application process. You have two options
1. You can start at one of our partner sites. Just look for our shopping cart. Click ADD to add one or more vacancies to your transaction, then click NEXT when you are ready to notify landlords of your interest in their vacancies.

2. Or, if you know the landlord’s email address, you can start at the top of this page.
Your transaction remains open until a landlord chooses to review your application. Before a landlord responds, you may add more vacancies, and notify more landlords of your interest, at no additional cost.

Risk Free

You are only billed when a landlord chooses to view your RentValet application.

Select Multiple Vacancies

Use RentValet to let landlords compete for your business.

Save 50%

The traditional application fee for a single vacancy is $40 or more. Apply to three vacancies, and you are paying $120.

Our flat fee for multiple vacancies is just $19.99.

Save a Trip Across Town

The typical rental application requires two or more trips across town. RentValet eliminates at least one of these trips!

Eliminate Landlord Fraud

Ever pay an application fee and never get a call back? RentValet is the only online service that eliminates Landlord Fraud.

Let Landlords Compete For Your Business

Present your business to multiple landlords. Use our shopping cart at our partner sites to get started, or add a landlord’s email address, mobile number or fax number to your existing transaction.

We present your interest, anonymously, in a first-come first-serve invitation to the selected landlords. This incentivizes a fast response from a committed landlord.

Only the first landlord who responds will view your personal information. Subsequent landlords will be given an opportunity to request a new RentValet transaction.

Your Last Application Form!

No more paper forms, and we save your application form! Come back when it is time to move again, update a couple items, and off you go!